bar chart with nominal values

Hi! I have a question. I need to do a bar chart with nominal values. I recived a poll and the answers are strings or words. I want to do a bar chart with this data but when I implement the node “Bar Chart” I can’t see the type “S” (string). How can I solve this problem?

Hey violandre,

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Can you elaborate a bit more on your data? For the bar chart you normally have a string column for the categories (values on the x-axis) and number column(s) for the actual height of the bars. If your data looks like this you would select the string column in the ‘Category Column’ dropdown and the number column in the twinlist below that. If you only want to count how many times an answer was given, than you would select the string column in the ‘Category Column’ dropdown and select ‘Occurence Count’ as the aggregation method.



This post should help you to get numbers for your strings even if you don’t need the stacked bar part


Hi DanielBog,
thanks for the advice, the problem is that I want to see more than a bar chart in a single image produced from the bar chart. I’ll show you an example:
boy yes a lot
boy yes
girl yes, a lot
boy not a lot
girl yes
This is a simple example as I can’t share the real dataset. The question is how I can made a bar chart that contain this two categories which they have nominal values inside?
Again thanks for the help

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