Bar-code ImageJ plugin:can't get result table

I’am trying to get result from a Bar-code decoder plugin called ''Barcode_Codec" I installed the plugin in KNIME and I created an ImajeJ macro node to run it:

run(“Barcode Codec”);

, the execution is green, but I can’t see result ,I want to get result next to the image column .I hope that you help me to find solution .
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Could you provide a sample image that you are opening and trying to process with the plugin? If you are doing additional steps besides opening the image in a workflow, it would be great if you could provide your workflow!

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Hi @stelfrich

For the moment I try to decode a QR code simply,
The idea is from an illimit nomber of images with different QR codes located in those images, I want to change the name of each image with the QR code decoded , As you see in this image
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The reason for this might be that the Barcode Codec plugin doesn’t use ImageJ’s standard results table, but shows its results in a new TextWindow:


Jan is right about his observation. One workaround could be (although I haven’t verified that it works) to save the contents of the text window to a file and open it as results table. You can find more details around this approach here:

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I prefer that all the process is done in ImageJ macro.
I want to get the out put result from the output Ports of the image j macro “Result table” with the decoded code. May be if I trie another plugin or modifie this one .
If you try to do this please can you send me an example .