Bash node in Knime 4.6


I have just updated to knime 4.6. I´m having issues with my workflows using bash node. I have installed NGS Tools extension but the bash node is not found by the workflow.

This is de error mesage.

“Could not query updates site for missing extensions
No repository found at file:/D:/_Aplicaciones/knime_4.6.0/plugins/de.seqan.ngs_toolbox.win32.x86_64_0.1.0.202003122006/.”

someone with the same problem who can help me?

Hi @JEMN -

The KNIME NGS tools extension has not been updated to appear on the 4.6 community update site yet. That said, if you scroll down in the link above, you will see the update site link needed (basically older 4.5). If you add that update site via your KNIME preferences, you should be able to install the extension again, and the node will be available.


Hi Scott, than you very much.
I did it as you explained and I already have the node working ok.


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