Basic Join of a Fixed-Value Column to a Table

I have an operation that executes and produces the expected CSV when executed. When I add execution time (via Create Date & Time Range node) and merge with Cross-Join, I get an unexpected CSV (basically, values multiply).

All I want to do is add the column of the fixed date and time for every row that exists in the original table.

Here is the unmerged workflow thus far:

Should I be using Joiner instead? Not sure how to configure that to do it without needing to specify input columns - as that is not the criteria.

How about a Column Appender instead?

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D’oh. Though I have non-matching rows, naturally. How do I get it to not worry about the number of columns, and just append whatever # of rows exist in the main table?

You could just append a column with the single datestamp on the first row, then use Missing Value to fill in the rest? It’s a bit hacky but if I understand your data correctly, I think it should work.

If not, upload a short example workflow with some dummy data and we’ll figure it out.

That worked - not hacky at all and I think eloquent enough, column appender just had to be configured to generate new row keys, and then missing value did the rest! Thank you!

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OK great. It always feels good when you avoid a join, or even worse a cross-join! :sweat_smile:

Duly noted! Joins were a bit more intuitive in Alteryx, and have had to learn to be extra careful with them here in KNIME.

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