BasicPlotter.interpolateLine does wrong cast

This code looks bad (in org.knime.base.node.viz.plotter.basic.BasicPlotter.interpolateLine(BasicDrawingElement, boolean, boolean)):
double x1 = ((DoubleCell)domainValues.get(i).getX())
double y1 = ((DoubleCell)domainValues.get(i).getY())
double x2 = ((DoubleCell)domainValues.get(i + 1).getX())
double y2 = ((DoubleCell)domainValues.get(i + 1).getY())

The casts should be to DoubleValues. (This causes problems in some views, like the Hierarchical Clustering node’s Distance view’s changing the mapping method on any axis.)

You are absolutely right! It looks really really ugly. Thank you very much for this bug report - it will be fixed as soon as possible! It’s great to get such useful feedback from you! Thanks again.

Not at all. This is one of the advantages of open source projects. :slight_smile:

Hi aborg, the reported bug is fixed as of KNIME v2.0.2. Enjoy and thanks again! Best, Fabian