Batch execution of a KNIME archive


Our current KNIME workflow is we have one developer improving/changing a group of workflows on a desktop version of KNIME, and then exporting them as knar archive to a fileserver. The users grab the knar file import it into their local workspace and run the workflows as batch via a Windows CMD script.

The import part in case of an update of the workflows is a bit annoying. Is it possible to batch run the knar directly? Or to import and run it from the command line?

Hi @MSchmidt,

not sure if this is your question.
But in the KNIME FAQs you can find:
"in order to run a workflow, name “” exported as an .zip file, execute in one line:

1 knime -nosplash -application org.knime.product.KNIME_BATCH_APPLICATION -workflowFile= "PATH_TO_FILE/"
I guess that should work with .knar as well (in earlier versions this was just .zip (.knar is still a zip but i think they just renamed the ending for association reasons)

*also from experience I can actually recommand using a knime server instead of batch mode /sharing workflows through a file exchange if you are using more that a bit of both as a team.
Made our life a whole lot easier after the switch :+1:


I’d love to use knime server, but for the two workflows we’re using 20 times a year I would get budget approval. I’m still in the evangelist phase with KNIME at my corporation.

And yes, I had forgotten that besides workflowDir there is workflowFile. Sadly my archive contains multiple workflows because my master workflow calls subordinates by call workflow, but workflowFile expects a single directory in the archive also containing a knime.workflow file.

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