Batch execution problem: if an error occurs in workflow execution the process don't terminate

Hi all,

I'm working on windows 7 and I want execute a workflow in batch with this command:

C:\ASVIL\MKASB\SW\knime_2.9.0\knime.exe -consoleLog -nosplash -reset  -nosave  -workflowFile="c:\KNIME_startUp 2014 01"  -destFile="J:\DT\Knime" -workflow.variable=WorkDir,"\"//SGSFILVR01/ASVIL/MKSAS/\"",String -preferences="J:\SYS\KNIME\Preference_batch.epf" -application org.knime.product.KNIME_BATCH_APPLICATION 

- If there aren't errors in execution the process ends. ( good )

- If there are some errors in node execution the process don't end and the windows you can see in attached document don't close. ( bad )


- is it possible don't show this windows and terminate the process with error return code?

- is it possible redirect console to file?

Thank you very much for attention

see you later




Hi all,

I've founded a solution using --launcer.suppressErrors


see you soon