Batch Mode Execution: Queries


I have few queries regarding batch execution in knime

1) Can I supress warnings in console log window.?

There are lots of nodes created with empty tables, missing values (purposefully). So console log window shows loads of warnings.

2) If I don't give -consoleLog -noexit then how can I know whether workflow executed successfully or not?

3) How -credential works? I can't find any concrete information regarding this in forum or FAQ.






Any suggestions?

I have tried 1) with Preferences>Knime>GUI>console log level to Error. But still all warnings are appearing !

Batch execution is documented here:

Often it may be more appropriate to use the KNIME Server REST API to execute workflows, and integrate with other tools.

Hi jonfuller,

Thanks for the reply.

I have gone through batch excution document several times.

BUT it do not have -credetial related information.

Can we store/save credetials in workflow or send them as workflow variables?

Also ignoring WARN during batch execution is also troubling me a lot !!