Best approach to creating a R GUI! - Short Question


I think that the R-Scripting extension is the best approach made to establishing a flexible, flow-oriented GUI to date - Especially because it allows one to also use Knime in parallel.

Being a R user for six years, I started using it only recently.

Beginning this, I have one question regarding the the RGG-Templates in the R-Scripting-Nodes:

When using the normal R-Snippet node in the "R Scripting"-section of the node browser, I always see the RGG-powered GUI element on the "Script Editor" tab after clicking on "Use this template". When using the other R-Snippet Node in the "R Scripting/Generic R" section, clicking on the same templates generates only the RGG-Source Code on the "Script Editor" tab.

The Problem occurs with the latest Knime Version (11-06-29) on both Windows and Linux Platforms -> What could be a possible solution to this?


Thanks in advance and best regards,



Hi Dennis,

glad to hear, that you like our scripting extension :-)

you are right. The generic R-nodes do not yet support the template scripts as one should expect. It's on my todo list. I'm sorry that I cannot provide a fast solution for this at the moment.


Ciao, Antje

Hi Antje,

thanks for the swift response. As for now, I can work around that.

Is there anything that I can do to help you out? I am not really good at coding in Java, but when it comes to hacking stuff in R, I do have some time I could devote to this.

There is also another thing that might be enhanced for production use of the R-Scripting add-on: When using the rgg file chooser in a R-Snippet node, it doesn't remember the settings, i.e. the once selected file is wiped out of the chooser the next time one opens the node again. The other GUI elements seem to remember their settings, though.

For now, the solution is to detach the template from the node before running it, but this will not work in production.

I really think that this Knime-extension could be a real leap forward to the whole R Community as other (even paid) options like the Revolution GUI have not been not showing up for two years now and all other alternatives are far behind in terms of being productive (like Red-R, RanalyticFlow, R commander and the like).

Do you have something like a wishlist what should be implemented in the future? If yo tell me in which framework and whether the coding is more R or Java, I might spend some developer hours for this.

Thanks in advance and best regards,