Best way to achieve Fourier Transform (FFT) based on temporal series ?

Hello everyone !

Which is the best way to perform a Fourier Transform on a temporal serie of data ?

I read some developer worked on this topic in 2007 (searched forums), and I assume since 10 years now there must be somewhere a plugin or specific feature to do so, any clue ? :-)

Many thanks !


yes! there is, here is what you are searching for:

Cheers, Iris 

Thanks !

I wanna work on anomaly Detection, but before that I need to have FFT for my data; I tried the FFT example presented by Knime , but failed! because of the length of the data i have a column with 132300 data
I have got the following table and want to figure out how FFT can be defined for it, but as soon as I change the window slide configuration(window length and window step) FFT doesnt response anymore