Best way to build multi check logic

So, I have a need in my workflow to implement a multi check logic. I need to check multiple columns in a data set and based on the values in those columns I have to enter a specific value in the output column.
wanted to know what would be the best way to implement this. I have explored two options so far.
Rule Engine and Java Snippet node. The Rule engine would have worked fine if there was only a few condition to check for. But there are many conditions to check and if the conditions don’t match the required values then I have to branch of to perform other actions. Kind of like a nested if/ else if. The java snippet might work. But I am not too confident in Java and might take me longer to build. Any suggestions ?

Hi @Adiwakar

Did you also check Rule Engine (Dictionary) node?
gr. Hans


Maybe Column Expressions is the node you are looking for. You can use if/else statements in this node easily.

Here is a short tutorial for this node:


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Thank you. I am using the column expression node. I have a date column that can contain missing values. How do I check for missing or null values using this node.
I saw that there is a isMissing function but how does that work? if there are missing values will it equate to False or True?


if (isMissing(column(“column1”))) {“Yes”} else {“No”}


HI there @Adiwakar,

Correct. isMissing() function will return Boolean value true or false.


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