Best way to uninstall KNIME 4.0 installed from Self Extracting Archive

Hi All

Can anyone recommend the best and cleanest way to uninstall KNIME 4.0 that was installed from an Self Extracting Archive?

For context - I originally trialled 4.0 from an SEA while still running 3.7 on the same Win10 machine as the main installation. I’ve now upgraded that main installation to 4.0.2 but this is proving to be unreliable (freezing when opening 2 large pipelines, outline viewer unresponsive at times). So I want to clean out all versions of KNIME and reinstall again using the standard installer.



If you didn’t use the installer you can simply delete the extracted directory. There are no other files created or system configuration changes made.


Many Thanks @thor

That’s exactly what I needed to know.

BW John

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