Big Data Connector Hive with Kerberos problem


Trying Knime Analytics Platforme With Big Data Trial Connectors, i try to configure the Hive Connectors and after adding my :

hostname,port,databasename; i added my parameter as principal=principalname/localhost@MYREALM.CORP

Authentification : Use Kerberos.

I try to execute and get this error :

WARN Hive Connector 2:1 failed to apply settings: Database connection could not be validated: Cannot locate default realm
ERROR Hive Connector 2:1 Exception creating Kerberos based Hive connection: Can't get Kerberos realm

Can you help me ?



R. Fleury

Hi Renaud,

for Kerberos, Cloudera's proprietary drivers still require some connection parameters.

For impala (replace XXX with the fully qualified domain name of the
impala host):

and analogous for Hive (replace XXX with the fully qualified domain
name of the Hiveserver2 host):


These options are also described in more detail in the PDFs that come
with the drivers.


Thank you Bjoern.

Your help really assures my workflow success.

Really appreciate.


R. Fleury