Big Data Connectors disappeared for unknown reason


today I have installed the Knime Image Processing update and updated from version Since then I have no access to my big data connector extension...

Everytime I started Knime and a workflow with big data extensions for editing I got the error message "Errors during load due to missing nodes (HDFS Connection, Hive Loader, Hive Connector, HDFS File Permissions). Do you want to search and install the required extensions?".

If I click on "yes" I get "KNIME Big Data Connectors 3.2.1.v201610031135", the "next" button is available but not clickable. So I check my Installation History and exactly this version is installed.

So at first I removed the Big Data Connectors completely and reinstall them, but same error message...



Problem fixed.

I've to start knime with -clean option to clean the plugin cache.

Thank you :)

Hi mheitzhausen,

would it be possible that you send us the part of the log where it didn't work?`I'd be curious about the actual cause of the problem (to avoid that it happens again :-)).

Thanks for reporting!


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