Big Data connectors missing

I updated KNIME 3.4 into 3.6 by using the full update site file (there’s no internet in the environment). I did not have the Big Data extension installed previously but tried now to add it in order to use Hive Connector. The problem is that only Big Data File Formats and Local Big Data Environments show up in the components list. What may be the reason the Big Data Connectors do not show up in the list?

Hi @pzkor,
are you sure you did not install the extensions before? The default setting for the “Install Extensions” Dialogue is to hide already installed extensions.
You can disable this in the dialogue by unchecking “Hide items that are already installed”.
Or you could just search for the Hive Connector in the node repository. It is placed under Databases/Connector.

best regards

Hi @mareike.hoeger,
Thank you for your reply. Hive Connector does not show up in the node repository. Also, only the aforementioned two components are visible under Help/About KNIME Analytical Platform/Installation Details.


Hi @pzork,
that is strange. I tried to reproduce the issue, and downloaded the 3.4.0 version without big data installed and updated it via the downloaded updatesite zip file. I worked fine. Which update sites do you have configured now? Just the zip file? What does the KNIME say if you start the update again?

bets regards Mareike

Hi Mareike,
Thank you very much for your efforts in helping me.
Initially I just had the big zip file configured, but subsequently I added an unzipped version of the Big Data Extension folder. But no luck. Only the two components get installed. And if I try to run the update again, I get “No updates available.”

Apologies, Mareike, but I realise having given you incorrect information there. The original version of the platform the update was on was 3.3.2.

I also tried to do the same with the 3.3.2 release but it works fine.
Where do you got the update site zip from? You should Download it here you find instructions for the update process, here:
Do not unzip the file. Add the file location at the update site. Uncheck all other update sites. And try to update once more please.

If you open a workflow with a Hive Connector from the Examples server, KNIME should usually ask you if you want to search for the required extensions. What happens if you do so?

best regards Mareike

Hi Mareike, Thank you. I have now reinstalled 3.3.2 and then upgraded it to 3.6 using the full zipped update site. Then I opened the Big Data Preprocessing example. After the prompt the Big Data Connectors extension was installed and the platform restarted. Unfortunately the connectors still aren’t in the node repository and the example workflow still identifies the connectors as missing. But this time I cannot install them any longer because the system shows them as already installed.
Could this be due to some dependency software in my environment? Are there any log information that could help you to locate the issue?

I realise I have the same issue with Palladian String Similarity node which previously was working. The workflows that require it now prompt to install the Palladian extension, but nothing happens when I click the Next button during the installation procedure. This seems to be because on one hand the platform realises that the node is not available, but on the other hand doesn’t install it because the extension already is installed.

Hi @pzkor

this sounds like during the update your installation got messed up.

Can you try the following (in this order:)

  1. Start KNIME once with a -clean via the command line
  2. Use a new workspace
  3. Deinstall and reinstall KNIME

Ah and you might not go through the full list, hopefully -clean already solves the issue.

Best, Iris

Hi @Iris iris, thank you. I tried all these and unfortunately the problem with both Big Data Connectors and Palladian String Similarity remains.