Binary Classification Node


I need to classify information from Colum A to Colum B into 2 different types, so, can I use Binary Classification Inspector Node? I could use some tips/advices


Thanks a lot!

HI @Yodata the Binary Classification Inspector Node is a Node that allows you to compare classificaction models. Could you please explain a little bit moer what you want to do ?

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Hey iperez, sorry for the late response.

So I have a bunch of info in Column A, let’s say food information, all kinds of food, on colum B I need to classify if is Vegetables, Meals, Fruits.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Yodata. do you have any other information?. If you just have the two columns and no other information it would not be possible to build a classification model.

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iperez is right. This data rather sounds like a mapping topic (like the “famous” vlookup in excel) There are nodes in KNIME for that as well by the way. But like @iperez suggested more info is required

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