Bingo query node?

Hi Mikhail and Alexander,

I wonder if there are any plans to introduce a Bingo query node (or Bingo DB connector, Bingo DB structure query node, Bingo DB reaction query node, Bingo DB connection reader node family)?

At the moment, I find that I have to maintain and modify a lot of SQL by hand, for offering different query options, etc.  It would be great if a node took all the hard-work out of this by giving a user-friendly interface for the following sorts of things:

  • Choosing the database, table, and structure/reaction column to query
  • Choosing the query type (exact, substructure, similarity, superstructure)
  • Query options - tautomer, etc
  • Return options - ability to select other values from the same database table, and also offer check-boxes for addition of Bingo function results to be added as returned columns (InChi, cansmiles, etc)

Of course, one would want this to also all work seemlessly regardless of connecting to Oracle, postgres, or SQL Server(!)


Kind regards


Hi James,

I agree with you that it is a good thing to do, but it doesn't add any kind of new functionallity. It is much easier to specify SQL statement for a user, rather than to develop a node for it for us. I will add your request in our future plans, but at this moment we do have resources for it.

Maybe someone from a community can develop a generic node that can connect to various chemical cartridges.

Best regards,


Hi Mikhail,

Thanks for the reply - and I completely understand; I was just trying my luck!  : )

I think it is likely that - if we continue to make significant use of Bingo - we will develop some Bingo nodes internally, and release them as Community Contributions.

Kind regards