Bio Sequence Reader errors (Bioinformatics and NGS)

I have been trying to use the “Bio Sequence Reader” node in KNIME 3.6 (NGS 0.2.200.v201602081511) though it is not behaving as expected. In particular I am trying to read in a Uniprot database (as a FASTA file) with an interest in getting protein IDs and sequences from the database.

If I tell Bio Sequence Reader that my file is “Protein” and “Uniprot”, it crashes. The error is “Check data Type”, followed by “Could not read sequence”. This happens very quickly (less than 1 second).

If I tell Bio Sequence Reader that my file is “Protein” and “FASTA”, it runs but the output is not correct. In particular the part of the output that should be the protein sequence instead has the protein ID from the accession line. Interestingly the sequence length value for each protein is correct (a count of the protein length rather than just the length of its accession). For a uniprot yeast database this can take several minutes to produce this.

I have so far been unable to find contact information for who makes these nodes, I would be happy to follow up directly with them via email if someone can help me find how to contact them.

thank you