BIRT - display different reports by list selection

Hello Knimers,
I try to figure out, if is possible to have in Birt report a buttons or list with wil switch the reports.

For example, I have a three production lines 1, 2 and 3.
I also have a main chart, where I show all three production lines in overal numbers.

But I also would like to show detailed chart for each production line separately. Separately means, that If I click on some button, proppesr chart will be visible.

One idea was, if is possible to use “interactivity” of feneral chart…via script or something…but I am lost.

Than you,


Hi @Adam_Gottwald,

BIRT documents are not interactive. You can generate static reports using BIRT.

Regarding your explanation, I think you are looking for features available in KNIME WebPortal which is part of KNIME Server.