BIRT issue

Hello, I am trying to work with BIRT and when I run the report I get the following in the browser.

  • The report file : default_report.rptdesign does not exist or contains errors.

@jhonguzman88 ,

Can you please try the solution in this forum answer?

If that doesn’t work, can you please share an example workflow with a toy datasets?


Hello @temesgen-dadi I was reviewing this solution but I don’t understand it, what is that about diacritic (“á”)

Hi @jhonguzman88

They had some non-ASCII characters that were not supported by BIRT in the data. Removing/replacing those characters helped solve the issue in their case.


This problem occurs when the workflow name contains multibyte characters. You can reproduce it by following these steps

  • Create a workflow with a workflow name that contains multibyte characters.
  • Design the workflow that contains a Data to Report node.
  • Run the workflow and start KNIME Report Designer.
  • Run from the menu of KNIME Report Designer: Run > View Report > In the Web Viewer
  • A web browser will be launched and you will see “The report file : default_report.rptdesign does not exist or contains errors.”
  • If you remove multibyte characters from the workflow name, the error will be resolved.

I assume that the cause is that the path to default_report.rptdesign contains multibyte characters.

This problem does not occur in KNIME 4.1.4. And it occurs in KNIME 4.2.5 and later.
I hope that this degrade will be fixed.

Best Regards,


Hi @tymsk3891,

Thanks for providing the detailed steps to reproduce the issue.

This is a known bug (#AP-16896 for internal reference) and we will let you know once it is fixed.



Hi Temesgen,

please share the actual status of this issue. We’re encountering this error using BIRT on KNIME 4.5.1 whereas the same report is working safe on Version 4.4.2
Thanks and best regards

Hi Otmane,

I am afraid that this issue is still open. Apologies for any inconveniences.


could u recommend any workarounds? is it really a problem with encoding? seems strange for me?

The workaround is not to use multibyte characters in a workflow name.

i’ve checked my workflow names. in fact one workflow contains “underscore”/5f. Could be the error trigger?

Underscore (if it is the normal one) shouldn’t cause a problem. But you might have other problematic characters in the workflow name. One way of verifying this is, to rename your workflow to a simple name like workflow1 and see if the problem is gone.

Remember, we are working under the assumption that you are having the same problem as described in this thread.