Birt reporting in KNIME

Can someone help me? How to use BIRT reporting in KNIME.
I find only pdf and html nodes.They can write stream to pdf or html. But how to build more complexible reports, to construct tables, imput plots and diagrams?
I’v read about Birt plugin for using Birt porjects , but still do not understand how to install it and how to generate complex reports. I’m using KNIME v2.0.1.0019872.
Thanks for any help.

Well, you will need to wait for KNIME2.1 to appear in fall 2009. The new
version will offer full BIRT support, the current version’s reporting nodes only generate
basic reports (i.e. one table in PDF or HTML).

Starting with v2.1 you will be able to create full fledged reports based on various
data sources and aggregates generated using KNIME workflows.


Wow nice feature!