Bitnami Reportserver Integration

Any chance someone has used Knime with Reporserver? Reportserver can deploy BIRT reports which knime uses as well. Also Reportserver can make tables which would be cool to use in knime.

I figure the main issue with a knime BIRT report on Reportserver would be the custom driver for knime data source. Is it possible to install the needed driver on my own? Can I just drop right into existing eclipse birt plugins or into a tomcat instance running Reportserver or simply Birt example web viewer?

Hi @kferrone and welcome to the forum.

To my knowledge we don’t directly support Reportserver and we don’t have plans to. That said, their website states:

To add an existing BIRT report to ReportServer simply upload the corresponding .rptdesign file, configure the report parameters and you are good to go.

So in theory you could take the existing .rptdesign file created with BIRT and KNIME - which is written to your KNIME workspace by default - and just use that.

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