Blending 4 techniques

I have another doubt on how to blend 4 techniques. I have to do the predictive value that results from applying the mode to the previous four. When there is a tie, the predictive value will be 1 when the average probability of class = 1 of the above four methods exceeds 0.5.

I know I have to use rule engine and math formula nodes but don’t know how to structure and connect them.

Hello @cMarchante,

Do you have a sample workflow you can upload for better context?

Are you trying to calculate the mode of the four prediction values from the different techniques you are looking at?

If you need to calculate mode, you will probably need to use the group by node and aggregate using mode.

If you can clarify on your last sentence if I am understanding wrong, You want the predictive value to = 1 when avg probability of any of the four methods exceed 0.5?

You could handle such logic in the math formula node by using if(x,y,z):

Hope this helps,