Boolean Status Light Node (Feature request??)

Not sure if Knime has the ability to adjust the Icon of the node itself?

I do tons of data transformations, and one of my sanity tests is to test my 'new' end results with a group by.  The grand total should always add up to the same, and if it doesn't I know I lost some data I didn't want to lose.

What would be so much easier for me is to have a Red/Green light, and I can put a "rule" in it (or java, or whatever) and if the condition isn't met (Variable1 = 10,323,012.22) then it will shine red, otherwise Green.

This would be incredibly useful to ensure my data integrity is strong throughout the workflow.

Have you looked the testing nodes? They don't do this but do allow you to check your workflow for various errors/changes. 

If you run as a test workflow you get green ticks and red crosses I think but in a view. 

Might be a good workaround for now.. although my idea would be prettier :)


So I thought maybe a "JAVA IF (Table)" to check a condition, and it will just give a check on which path it wants?  Up or down?

Problem is that it's not as robust as the Java Snippet, so I don't see my columns there.. I would like to have code something like:

if (c__FiscalYear == "FY14" && c__Segment == "Small" && c__Sales =="1234.56") return 1 

You could throw an exception from a Java snippet.

if (Variable1 != 10323012.22) {
    logError("Wrong checksum!");
    throw new Abort("Wrong checksum");