Boosting Predictor Loop Start Questions


When using the Boosting Predictor Start Loop I tried to connect a table which has some PMML Models included. When trying to connect the nodes, the error log will show me that there is no double value available (whilst there is).
The Node configuration will complain about no PortValue available. Which is propably the cause.

Given that: Why the Loop does not support PMML values, which are in fact models?
And where to find the Source for these Nodes?

Hi @mereep,
can you try converting the models to cells using the Model to Cell node? This worked for me, even with PMML models. The output of the PMML to Cell node is not compatible with the Boosting Predictor Loop Start node.

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@gab1one ,

tried this right now and this works. My point however is, that the error message spilled out in log is wrong. It states that double column is missing when it actually has a double column but looks for “PortObject” which is generated by the Model to Cell.

Also, for it is a bit unclear why a PMML-Model is not derived and compatible with Models. For me a PMML is a derivative of Model and at least should be compatible.

Yes these are valid points, I opened tickets in our bug tracking system for them.

I agree, this seems to be a bug with the PMML cell, that it is not identified as an PortObject.

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