Borgelt Node Workflow missing

I am trying to l learn how to work with Borgelt Nodes. I found this introduction:

But the folder holding the to Workflows is missing. There is 050_Applications/050015 but 050_Applications/050016 is missing.

Was the Folder deleted? moved? Will the folder be uploaded again? Were can I finded this workflows now? Are there other workflows I can use to learn this thing?

Dear Suppe,

which KNIME Analytics Plattform Version are you using?

We changed our example server for the 3.0 Release and are only updating the most recent example server.

on this I do see the workflow group as you mentioned above.

Best, Iris

We still use Knime 2.12.1.
I will talk to my colleagues about updating knime. Probably best to have all PC updated in the Firme at the same time.


As a workaround, you can download the zipped example server from here

Best, Iris

Hello, I need use the node "Association Rule Learner" (Borgelt), but I don`t know what is the correct extensions to install?


The extension is called KNIME Itemset Mining

(Please start new threads for new questions, it will speed up the answering)