Boxplot view?

Love the boxplot - but I'd like to be able to compare 2 different size populations in a single plot (like a full set and a subset). Can't figure out a way to get it to draw the boxes right - it doesn't like the missing values in the shorter columns. Any way around this..?...

Hi jwl,

yes, you are right: the missing values cause the problem. The position of the lower and upper quartile, as well as the median depends on the row size:

                float medianPos = rowNr / 2;
                float lowerQuartilePos = rowNr * 0.25f;
                float upperQuartilePos = rowNr * 0.75f;

Since the missing values do not count in the calculation this row size should be the number of rows without missing values for the current column.

This means two things. First, the fix will be available in the next version 1.3 released in November. Second, so far there is no possibility to display the boxplots for two different size populations in one single view. Workaround: open the boxplot for both sets separately and move the windows close together... I know this is not what you wanted but the only possibility right now. Sorry - and look up for the next release.

Thank you very much for this bug report!



Thanks, Fabian - I thought maybe I was overlooking something. The workaround should hold me for now; I'll look forward to the next release...



Hi John,

if you like you could send me an email with your email address and I'll inform you as soon as the new release is available.