Is it possible to display boxplots in a report from a workflow, if not, are there plans to support boxplots in the future?

You can use the "R View" node to integrate a boxplot into a report. Just connect it to a "Image to Report" node to make it available in the report.

Where can I find the "Image to Report" node?

Thanks :)


The nodes, Image to Report and Data to Report, are available in the Reporting category which is again available when the Report Designer feature has been installed; under Help >> Check for Updates you find the corresponding KNIME update site containing this feature.

Regards, Thomas

Just for completeness, you probably don't have the Reporting installed before - otherwise you would have seen these nodes before, in this case the menu entry Install new Software... needs to be chosen from the Help menu.

Thanks for the reply Gabriel. I think the problem was I was using Knime 2.2.2 (I did have Reporting installed). I upgraded to 2.3.1 and the node is there.

Thanks that worked a treat! Sorry for the delayed response back.

Just curious, why can't the inbuilt boxplot send an image to the report?

What do I need to type in the R view node to get a Bot Plox?

I meant a Box Plot? I do not have any experience with "R".