Broken XML

Hi to all :)

I have finished programming my node and wanted to edit the XML for the description.
I followed the NumericBinner example and tried to edit it; But as soon as I exported and installed the project I got the error:

ERROR KVImporterNodeFactory Broken XML file for node description of com.faebl.development.KVImporterNodeFactory: The reference to entity "O" must end with the ';' delimiter.

I understand the the reference it says should be something like "&O" in the XML; but I double checked and found nothing. Here is my XML:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE xml>
<knimeNode icon="./default.png" type="Other" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
        <option name="jkloe: ">jkljlkoe</option>
        <!-- possibly more options that can also be grouped by tabs -->
        <tab name="Standard Options">
            <option name="short name of first option (like in the dialog)">description of first option</option>
            <option name="short name of second option (like in the dialog)">description of second option</option>
        <!-- possibly more input ports here-->
        <outPort index="0" name="oiqweoiwe">tzitz</outPort>
        <!-- possibly more output ports here-->
        <!--view index="1" name="name of second view">Description of second view...</view-->

Can anybody please tell me how to resolve this error?
I already tried to delete the old xml and made a new one - experiencing the same problem.

Thanks for your help..

Cheers, Fabian

The code snippet has altered your XML to had HTML tags. Can you upload as plain text?

For sure... I added the file above...

You must either use a DTD or an XML Schema, but not both. I don't know if this fixes the error message, though.

I think you need to remove the <!DOCTYPE xml> line and add a new "view" element inside the "views" element (or remove the "views" element).


@arofab @thor:
I tried both of your solutions, but I still get the same reference error...

Also I can see that in the Node Description on the side (when node is installed) it says "No XML node description available! Please add."

I just tried the following:
I created a new node and copied the contents of the new node XML to my xml - I am still getting the same error...

In the new XML there is a warning:

No grammar constraints (DTD or XML Schema) referenced in the document.


Strange thing is that i created a test node with your original file 'broken_xml.txt' (renamed as KVImporterNodeFactory.xml) and it didn't show your error message: only the error about the missing view element, and this was expected as the xml file doesn't conform to the schema..

Are you using eclipse to edit the xml file? Is the file correctly encoded as UTF-8 ?

I used the IDE of KNIME... so basically eclipse yes.
I also tried to rewrite it in an external code editor, save it as XML and then copy it to the src location of the node, replacing the old file - with the same output.
yes it is correctly encoded.

Okay now I made a whole new project, copied everything but the xml, and left the default xml in place, built it and voila - same error.
is it possible, that the error is because of something else than the xml?

I don't have clear what do you mean for KNIME IDE: is it the KNIME SDK?

KNIME SDK is eclipse configured with all KNIME SDK plugins,  so you are actually within eclipse and its look is different than the KNIME look (perspective).

Usually you develop a KNIME node within this pre-configured eclipse installation (KNIME SDK) or within a clean eclipse installation where a KNIME target platform is set and the KNIME wizard plugin is added.

Therefore debugging is done by running the proper eclipse debug configuration which in turn opens a new window with the KNIME instance having the node you are  developing.

Do your XML error message appear in the console of this debugging KNIME instance ?