Bubble Chart and Flow Varibles

Hi! I'm a new user of KNIME and I need help in making a bubble chart or any data visualization appropriate to the kind of report I want to generate.

The context is that I need to visualize a report pivotting 2 columns. These columns might be nominal or numerical in value. And the size of the bubble will depend on the aligned axes (for example, gender and month of birth). 

I would also want to see a table below the visualization that can be filtered according to one of the row values or column values. 

What do you guys think about this? Is this realistic in KNIME?

Thank you!


not sure I fully get how exactly you want to display your data. Maybe you can post a mockup or sketch so I can understand better?

KNIME has a dedicated node for bubble charts called Bubble Chart, part of JFreeChart, but it is not very visually appealiing and it has a couple of nasty bugs too.

Some time ago I wrote a blog post on how to use plotly.js within KNIME. plotly.js is based on D3.js and offers nice interactive charts, including bubble charts.You may want to check it out here

Regarding your idea to have a table below the data, does it have to be interactive or would it be ok to have a static one? You could generate within KNIME a report with both the bubble chart and the data table below it.


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