Bug 2326: Weka node dialogs need ScrollPane

I’ve just upgraded to the 2.2 release. I suspect a bug has been introduced in the Weka nodes. When configuring a Weka node, the top panel on the first tab is completely covered, so it’s virtually impossible to work with the nodes now. Can anybody confirm this?

"I've just noticed that it depends on the number of columns - I have a table with 1024 columns. Seems like the Weka dialog then shrinks the top pane in order to display all the columns."

Hi gvanvuuren,

Yes, I can confirm this problem which I was able to reproduce with ~500+ columns in the Weka dialog (on a normal screen). I will open a bug report to get this fixed for the next release. A possible work-around would be to stay with the Weka 2.1.2 version or to configure the the node first with a smaller sub-set of the available columns. Sorry, for this hassle.

Regards, Thomas


Greetings, Gideon