[Bug] Bar chart labels cropped

Hello all, I’m experiencing bug in Bar Chart - labels are cropped, only 3 last characters are visible. Any tips what to do? Thanks.

bar_chart_labels.knwf (7.7 KB)

Windows 10 21H2
KNIME Analytics Platform Product 4.6.1.v202207182243


The very same on my side with a workflow which worked perfectly but now labels are cropped. I had to change the visualization method but still unhappy with the outcome. Searching for the solution :slight_smile:

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Hi @tgg and @DmitryIvanov76 -

We noticed this bug internally ourselves. Sorry for the trouble here. The good news is we have a ticket open for this (AP-19374), and it should work again in the next bugfix release. In the meantime, if this is a critical workflow, you can temporarily downgrade to 4.6.0 - or if you’re feeling brave, try the 4.6.2 nightly build, both of which should work.


There is another workaround. If you set an axis label for the axis that causes the problem the view should work again. If you don’t wanna have a label you can simply add a space and it should work again.

Sorry for the inconvenience and as @ScottF already pointed out it will be fixed with the next bugfix release.



Hi @ScottF,
have the same issues here.
when is the release of 4.6.2?
and where do I find the nightly builds?

Best regards,

The release date for 4.6.2 is not yet finalized, but bug fix releases usually follow previous releases after a few weeks.

The nightly builds can be found here. Be sure to read the disclaimer!


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With the release of 4.6.2, this one is now fixed :slight_smile: