[Bug] Column Splitter - Remove input column

Using the Column Splitter node with a flow variable for the field “colName” leads to the situation that the checkbox “Remove input column” get useless. I’ve used it in a loop, “list file folders” and wanted to split 55 files with fitting columns inside. So without the flow variable, the loop fails at the Column Splitter, as the column name changes each time. Open it manually and just closing it with OK works (but this is not the sense of a loop). With the flow variable, the loop succeeds but the input columns are all in place.

Hi Jrole,

What version of the KNIME Analytics Platform are you using? In the latest version 4.5.2 there is no “Remove input column” checkbox and no flow variable field called “colName” in the Column Splitter node. And if it is possible, could you please provide your workflow on the hub.

Best regards,

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