BUG: Compare tool does not compare wrapped metanodes

I believe I may have found a bug in the Knime compare tool (part of the productivity extensions). 
When you compare two workflows, the contents of wrapped metanodes is not taken into account. Unfortunately, I use wrapped nodes in quite a few workflows, so I've switched back to the diff command, which is not that easy to use when it comes to comparing Knime workflows.

I hope this can be fixed soon.



Hi Tim,

yes, this was a design choice. It is also stated like this in the documentation. However, we are currently considering including this as well. I will keep you posted as soon as this is changing.

However, the comparing of metanodes (not wrapped ones) is supported.

Best, Iris

Hi Iris,

any updates on this?

A simple toggle button in the compare window would suffice.

I use a lot of wrapped metanodes, and the compare tool is about the only reason we bought the productivity tools in the first place...

Kind regards,


Hello Tim,

We are still looking into it. The decision to not compare the contents of wrapped metanodes was made because the purpose of a wrapped metanode is to act like a single node while a normal metanode helps ordering your workflow.

If you use the workflowdiff to check if something changed within a wrapped metanode during development, Metanode Linking would be very interesting for you. A short overview is given here.

However, we will of course keep you posted on the topic.


Can't you just provide it as an option to the compare tool?