bug for "Molecule to CDK" node with "unGroup" node


When I run my own node I become the result as json format e.g., one variable contains more than one value. I used "UnGroup" node to have the table as it should be. For example:


A                       B                         C

A1                     B1                       C1




This works fine, however as I have a SMILES variable (B) and I want to display it as structure in the resulting table using the "Molecule to CDK" node, the "unGroup" node stop working. I see the Strcture displayed correctly in the resulting table. However, for the variable "C" I can see only "C1" in the resulting table where "C2" and "C3" are missing. When I remove "Molecule to CDK" node from the workflow every things works fine (C1, C2 and C3 are presnted in the resulting table)

Any hints?

The Molecule Type Cast node solved the problem.