Bug found in Table Writer Node.

I have a problem with my table writer.  I have joined 4 images into one row.  Now I have 322 rows each with 4 images.  When I try to use the table writer node I only get one row written on my new table.  I cannot figure out what the issue is here.



Hi Taylor,

any chance that you can upload your test-workflow? Maybe something in the joiner is going wrong. Also, I see in your workflow, that the joiner only can merge 3 images? :-) 



PS: Some more information to get started can be found here: 

* https://www.knime.org/nodeguide in the section "community" you can find tons of example workflows

* https://scholar.google.de/scholar?as_ylo=2016&q=bioimage+analysis+knime&hl=en&as_sdt=0,5 Tutorial paper about KNIME Image Processing

Thanks Christian.  Please see my attached workflow.


Hi Christian,

Attached is the node I'm using to open my table.  When I try to open the table I have created I am only seeing one row of images.


Hi Taylor


I just looked at your workflow and everything seems to work for me. I had to replace your image readers with image generators, because I don't have your data ;)


Can you tell me if my workflow works for you as well?





PS: I configured the merger node, such that it merges all 4 images into a X-Y-Channel image.

Hi Tim,

Your workflow seems to be working well for me!  Thank you very much!  And thank you for reconfiguring the merger channel as well.


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