Bug? Hiliting after a joiner does not work on the lower input port.

Hello Forum,

I’ve been using KNIME for ~2 years now and stumbled upon the HiLiting feature a few days ago. I fell in love instantly. :wink:

It is great to have the possibility to track your data to its origin. It is awesome that you can also use it on processed (e.g. grouped) data. But there might be a problem with this feature and the Joiner.

[tl;dr] Upstream HiLiting data to the lower/right input port of a joiner doesn’t work. Of course, I activated the option Enable hiliting.

I attached a simple example workflow that shows the problem: Hilite Joiner Demo.knwf (7.6 KB)

If you run the Joiner and open the Joined table, please HiLite the first six rows (select > right click on selected row IDs > Hilite selected). Open the Table Creator output (Node 1) and you will find all rows HiLited. This is how it should be.

Now enter the Joined table again, clear the HiLiting and HiLite the last three rows. Open the Table Creator’s output (Node 2) now. No row is HiLited. Same result with rows 1-3 and 7-9 of the Joiner output HiLited.

It seems that upstream HiLiting information is only passed through the first input (left) port of the joiner. The tables before the right port doesn’t get the information.

@Users: Do you also experience this problem? I tested it on Windows (V. 3.5.2) and MacOS (V. 3.5.3).
@KNIME Team: I hope that you can replicate this problem. It would be great to use HiLiting also on joined data. By the way, this is my first post and I really like the new forum software.

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Thanks for the hint! The issue is perfectly reproducible with your example workflow. We’ll elaborate on this and keep you posted.