Bug in BIRT reporting webportal for PPT files


when using MS office 2010, and trying to launch a PPT file which has been generated from the BIRT reporting, in the webportal, the file cannot be opened. With errors around possible corruption or antivirus interference. 

Even the XLS and DOC files generate format errors and warnings but they open eventually.


note however that the PPT file will load from the BIRT reporting if done directly within the knime client, the bug seems isolated to the knime webportal.



Could Aaron's tip work for you?

Thanks for the pointer, and I suspect that will fix the issue and nicely provides support for the new PPTX, XLSX formats etc, unfortunately these are not free of charge.

A shame! It would be nice however if the existing implementation could just be fixed. It ought to work as it works in the KNIME Client BIRT Report, but not in the WebPortal BIRT Report.



Hi Simon,

As I understand the bug report, there is nothing to fix from eclipse's side, they created an export that reused the HTML export for ppt files, although Microsoft discontinued the support for that kind of ppt files. So this would be a new feature to support the pptx format. I guess the commercial BIRT emitter found this market and created the product. (Probably there are free emitters for the OpenOffice Impress odp format, not sure for which version of BIRT.)

Cheers, gabor

Try repairing your PPT files by making use of a repair app. This might help you out - http://youtu.be/8YIYVJsPVCs

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