Bug in drag & drop replacement, KNIME 4.1.2

Dear KNIMErs,

I found a bug in drag & drop replacement for KNIME 4.1.2. Following situation: a fully connected DBSCAN clustering node with data & distance model inputs is replaced by drag & drop with a kNN clustering node (which has only data and no distance input). KNIME doesn’t catch this and does weird stuff with the connections, but still allows to undo the replacement and to manually disconnect the non-compatible distance input.

IMHO it’d be graceful if KNIME just assumed that any non-supported input are not required to be connected to the new nodes, and just went ahead with the replacement on that basis, i.e. disconnecting the rest.



I am not sure if this is a bug, but maybe it’s because I can’t reproduce it. Could you please share some screenshot of how does it look before and after the drag & drop action?
That would help in reproducing this.


Hi Martyna,

OK this is odd, as I try to reproduce it I don’t manage to get the same effect either… must’ve been a temporary glitch.

However, in testing something else occurs consistently: If I replace the fully connected DBSCAN node with a k-Means node from the workspace (rather than the repository), the k-Means node comes in unconnected. But if the k-Means node comes out of the node repository, it comes in nicely connected, i.e. as one would expect. So it’s a more minor thing, but this should at least be reproducible. :slight_smile:


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