Bug in File Reader?

Hi, I have used the File Reader in the past successfully but after switching to KNIME 1.3.1 I have been getting a bug in the File Reader Node. When I create a new workflow and drag out the file reader node, I am unable to browse in a file when I hit the Browse button, when I hit it nothing happens. It sometimes comes back with an error message about a malformed URL. Sometimes the file reader works but other times it does not. Any ideas on what could be going on?



Hi Eric,

the FileReader tries to load a history of URLs entered in the past. If - for whatever reason - one of these URLs is malformed you get this exception and behavior. (We are working on a fix).
In the meantime there is a workaround: you have to delete the history of the FileReader.

Go to the KNIME workspace/.metadata/knime/history_ASCIIfile.txt
and delete it or clear its content. That should work.

Btw. do you have any idea why the URL is malformed? Could you have a look at the entries in the history_ASCIIfile.txt? Are there any entries pointing to nowhere, not connected network drives, etc.? That would certainly help us to fix this bug. Thanks in advance!



Thanks Fabian, this works for me now. Looking at the history file I see a couple of entries:


One of which is connecting to a Samba share on a Linux server. The Samba share was accessible to my Windows machine so I'm not sure if that was the problem or not.

Thanks again,