bug in Gaussian Distributed Assigner?

I'm using the Gaussian Distributed Assigner, using a categorical dependency column as per the documentation for three categories. I am finding the output is shuffled between the categories.

I have three categories, target, high and low. The mean and standard deviations for the three are 

target: 0.12 mean, 0.07 std dev

high: 0.17 mean, 0.09 std dev

low: 0.09 mean, 0.035 std dev


the output for 10,000 numbers per category is

target: 0.09, 0.035

high: 0.119, 0.07

low: 0.171, 0.09


Clearly the generation is according to the distribution mean and standard deviation, but the assignment to the category is wrong.

Is this a bug or is there something specific I need to do to get the proper mapping to the category?

I'm attaching the workflow.




Hi David,

thank you for reporting this. We already fixed the bug with 3.4.2.

I played with your workflow, and I needed to enter a new Gaussian Dist. node and reconfigure it, but than it was working correctly. 

Which KNIME Version are you currently using?

Best, Iris 

thanks, I'm still on 3.2.2 on my desktop. Looking forward to upgrading it.