Bug in Javascript view node (Data Explorer)

In the Data Explorer node, on the Data Preview tab, if you sort a column using the toggle visible on the field header it sorts as if the data were a string. The expected behavior would be to sort based on the data type of the field (e.g. integer, date, etc.).

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Hi @sjporter -

Do you have a simple example of this? I tried to recreate the issue just now in KNIME 4.1.2 and wasn’t successful. Thanks!

data explorer bug.knwf (7.9 KB)

Hey Scott,

Apologies for the delay.

I’m also using KNIME 4.1.2. It appears that the issue occurs when there are missing values in the column. Please see the attached workflow. If every row of an integer field has a value, the issue doesn’t occur. If you include an “Add Empty Rows” node to append a couple missing values to the table, the issue appears.


Excellent, thanks for the extra detail. I’ll get a ticket entered for this right away. Thanks very much for reporting!

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