Bug in quickform execution in knime client


when testing a workflow prior to uploading to the web server I generally use the quickform execution option in the knime client by right clicking on the workflow name.

however in the resulting grey box which pops up displaying the quick forms, on rather regular occasions, when one set of quick forms are replaced by another set, the grey pop up box isn't refreshed meaning that you end up seeing the new quick forms on top of the old quick forms. This looks somewhat messy and confusing. 


Interesing, I have not seen this before.  I imagine an example worklfow demonstrating the problem would not be easy to construct, but any advice on how many quickforms/how much data to use to construct a semi-realisitc test case?



I have managed to create a simple workflow which demonstrates the issue in KNIME 2.9.4. But I have now tried it on KNIME 2.10.1 and the issue doesnt seem to occur any more.

I was generally replicating the issue with about 5 initial quickforms embedded in a metanode, then a workflow part which takes around 30 seconds to complete, and then about another 8 quickforms embedded in a metanode. But as I say, in 2.10 it is behaving itself.

I'll let you know if I can repeat it in 2.10.