Bug in Rule Engine string matching function?

I might have found a bug in the Rule Engine’s MATCHES function. It seems to not distinguish between substrings separated by spaces and the same substrings separated by periods (full stops).

For example, if the value in Col1 is “Hello world” and the value in Col2 is “Hello.world”, and I apply this rule:

$Col1$ MATCHES $Col2" => TRUE

…the result in the outgoing table is TRUE.

This is not what I would expect. And it is not the result obtained from the Column Comparator or the ‘Compare’ function in the String Manipulation node.

This surely is a bug, right?

The description for MATCHES is:

The string on the left matches the regular expression on the right. The regular expression can be enclosed in double quotes (") or in slashes (/). The latter allows for escaping with backslash, e.g. if you want to match a slash itself.

Given that “.” in regex means “any character”, this is operating as expected.


Ah crap, it’s regex. Stupid me, sorry! Been using it for years and didn’t notice.


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