Bug? Incompatibility with GNOME GUI

Hello all,


I'm trying to use KNIME 3.1 on a new machine.  We recently changed GUI on OpenSUSE as part of an upgrade, from KDE to GNOME 3.  Unfortunately since this change, I now cannot properly use KNIME.  The windows do not repaint - that is - I cannot select any nodes nor browse etc...


I am aware of problems associated with libgxim though I am somewhat uncomfortable removing this.  Are there any alternative solutions (if this fixes this particular issue)?


Thank you in advance,


Actually, please disregard.  I found that adding this to the eclipse.ini file solved the problem (after more KNIME forum searches):



Why it was working fine on OpenSUSE 11.3 before upgrading to 12.4 I do not know.



Just marking this one as solved.

Cheers, Iris