Bug / issue tracking?

Dear KNIMErs,

Do you maintain a publicly accessible bug tracking system somewhere? I'm noticing some minor issues, but I would prefer not to clutter the forums with them, given that you might already be aware of (probably most of) them.


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Bump to the top (sorry, but I'm really interested in this piece of information)... :-)

Hi, sorry for the delay in answering. This somehow slipped our attention (maybe because there are so few bugs in KNIME? ;-)

We don't have public access to our bug reporting system at this stage but will establish one, once KNIME 2.0 comes out. (And no, not because we expect many more bugs in 2.0...)


Happy to hear that, can't wait! :-)


Have you already created this public issue tracker, now that Version 2.1.2 is already released?

Hi knime-devs,

has there been any progress with a public bug-tracker?

What’s the preferred way to submit patches? Actually, is quite a burden to develop a patch at all, if it’s not clear whether it has been fixed in your private scm already. E.g. the webservice-node throws StackOverflowError for some services, and even if I’m willing to help out, its not clear to me whether this is actually still necessary.

Having a structured and open development (public scm + tracker) model would imho push up the development of Knime and what’s happening around to a completely new level.

Best, Watzlaw

Hi Watzlaw, This post should answer your question. The exception in the web service node is very likely a bug, we need want to fix. Can you please give some more information on how to reproduce this and/or a detailed stacktrace (DEBUG) from the KNIME console. Thanks in advance, Thomas