Bug: Labs version Line Plot (Plotly


I have KNIME 4.2.0 (july 13) installed on W7U. I have seen some problems with the Line Plot (Plotly) earlier, but now tried the KNIME Labs version.

User mistakes give a warning hint in earlier versions, like:

“One or more of the columns chosen are duplicated. This may affect the initial appearance of the view. If this is unintentional, please be sure to change the node settings either in the configuration dialog or in the view itself”

After the Table Creator is run, I added the Labs version of Line Plot (Plotly) node, and clicking on it it is is automatically “Yellow”, as it is “self configurated” and X-Axis column is then taken to be column C4 in my case. However, C4 is also one of the four columns automated by “Manual Selection”.

No error is produced besides the above mentioned warning message as the F7 is hit and the node goes “green”. BUT, if you used the “Execute and open views”, or if after running F7 you choose “Interactive view: Line Plot”. You get an error banner “Oops something went wrong” and a long text error.

The error seems to be dependant on another column that is string or local datetime exists in the input side of the Line Plot (Plotly) Labs version. If there are only numerical data it looks like you only get the warning about “One or more of the columns chosen…”.


OopsErrorMessage.txt (1.6 KB) BugReportLinePlotPlotly.knwf (32.8 KB)

See my provided example work flow.



Hello @Batjesen,

Thanks for your post. I took a look at the workflow you provided and it appears you indeed found a bug with the node.

A quick solution for you is to open the dialog (F6, CTRL/CMD + Clicking on the node, or a right-click -> ‘Configure’), and then select ‘Ok’ to reconfigure the node. The color should change from Green (‘executed’) to Yellow (‘configured’). You can then execute the node and open the ‘Interactive view: Line Plot’ and the error message should be gone; leaving you with your line plot.

In the meantime, I have created an issue internally to fix this bug and we should have a fix in a release sometime soon.

Thanks so much for posting :slight_smile:



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