Bug of dynamic images not transferring to XLS files

When using BIRT reporting feature of knime and dynamic images are set up in the report, I.e. To display molecule structures, although the structures are visible in PDF, PPT, DOC report files, the structures are not visible in the XLS file.



For some reason, the defailt XLS birt emitter does not support images.  However, there is an excellent 3rd party emitter available as an additional extension to BIRT from a company called Arctorus.  I know of at least one KNIME user currently working with these emitters in production, and he is quite happy with them as far as I know.  These nodes also support xlsx and pptx and are pretty reaosonably priced.    


Alternatively you could use the JChem for Excell node from Chemaxon if you have or can easily obtain a license for it.  This will let you put actual structures in your excell sheets but at the cost of not letting you use BIRT to preview your report before download.  We should convince those guys to write a BIRT emitter, that would be really cool!

Another potential solution is to use ODS instead of XLS, which seems to work ok but may not be practical in a Microsoft centric world. 

A final (and not serious) option is to just use smiles and let your excell jockeys just use their imaginations to render the structures :)

Hope that helps, if anyone else has tricks to share on this front I would be happy to hear them!