[BUG] Replace Variable

I have noticed that some of the variable manipulation nodes revert to the first element of the Replace Variable drop-down, when you open the configuration after the initial instantiation of the node. Example:
[1] Connect a String Manipulation (Variable) node to the workflow
[2] Configure the newly placed node by replacing a previously existing (string) variable; choose a variable that is NOT the first element in the drop-down selector.
[3] Click Ok and execute the node; everything works fine - the variable was replaced by whatever string you chose to set it to in Step 2.
[4] Now go back into the configuration of the node and inspect the Replace Variable selector - it will have been switched to the first element of the drop-down. So if you now click Ok to exit and apply configuration settings, your intended variable will not be replaced when you execute the node again, the default first-index variable will be affected instead.

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Hi Dave -

This seems similar to an issue I stumbled across recently with quickforms. Perhaps the two are related. I will add your post as a +1 to our bug tracking - thanks very much for the detailed reproduction instructions!


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Hi, any news related to this issue? I keep experiencing it with KNIME 3.6.1.
Thank you

Hi @jan_lender -

Nothing to report yet. I have added your question as a +1 to our bug tracking system as well.

Hi @ScottF still nothing to report? Could you provide me with some estimation on that? Have you already planned to fix this issue?
Thank you

Hi @jan_lender -

Thanks for checking in. I still I don’t have an ETA for a fix for this, unfortunately. It’s definitely in the system though. I’ll see if I can get one of the devs to examine things more closely.

Hi @jan_lender,

this will be fixed in the upcoming release, KNIME 3.7.0.

Best Lukas