Bug-Report: File Reader multi-line quoted strings and row limit



The skip first n rows configuration does not take the "Quoted strings can extend over multiple lines" option into account. It just starts reading at the n th row in the text file and not the n th "actual data row". So the 2 options can not be used in combination. you get an unexpected result and most likley a "too few data elements" error (unless you also select the "short lines" option. In that case you get an unexpected output).


Do row limiting on the actual data rows and not lines in the text file.









The idea of this "skip first n lines" option is really to allow you to read files that "don't make sense" in the first lines. E.g. files with really weird headers. 

Can't you just skip one more line? Or read in the data starting with the first line and connect a row filter to filter out the first few data rows from the table?

 - Peter.